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Subject:marker and oscar are my new OTP btw
Time:08:05 am
yay i drew more stuff.

haven't been drawing quite as much the last few days/weeks just because there's so much free food this time of year, i.e. yellow dock, elderberries, blackberries, hickory nuts, walnuts, beechnuts and burdockkkkkk yum how i love thee. made some kinpira gobo for dinner yesterday OMG SO GOOD. but my hands...my hands are stained black from walnut shells, and my fingers look necrotic and I get weird looks from people when I go out in public, because wearing gloves is for SISSIES.

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oh my god these two are so cute i can't help myself. and I will be drawing the hell out of them until the internet is flooded with marker and oscar forever and always




i need some good reference

anyway, my goal of finally getting caught up on UC gundam up to CCA this summer has finally realised itself

I still have the 0080 and 0083 OVAs recorded off of Adult Swim ON VHS TAPES FROM 2002 somewhere down in my basement, which I really would have enjoyed watching those for nostalgia's sake, but then again....youtube, so why bother.  I never watched 0080 through to the end in 8th grade, but oh my god.  i cried uncontrollably like a baby for the next 3 days.  the openeing song still makes my eyes water.  it really got me because of how personal it was, but also because 80% of the screentime was devoted to the characters, daily life in the space colonies, and how the war was affecting civillians, which interests me a hell of a lot more than mobile suits do (even though the Hygogg was sweet as hell).

I have to admit thoguh that CCA was a bit of a let down for me.  Quess paraya aside, it felt like the story started in the middle, i would have liked some more build up about how char survived at the end of zeta, and how he started his neo zeon movement, and generally just more set up and exposition would have been nice.  if I hadn't been a gundam fan prior to seeing it (especially if i had *paid* for tickets or a DVD) i certainly would have wanted my money back.  i think what I enjoyed most about CCA was cameron bloom showing up again.  I never liked him, but I love all obscure characters on principle, so it made me smile.  plus the sheer irony of all the characters they could have brought back, they chose him?  happy times

oh yeah and Astonaige gets a love interest...but *sniff* we won't speak more on the issue

aaaaaand I started watching unicorn.  I'm really liking how the events of ZZ are still important here.  although something about the animation doesn't sit well with me.  maybe it comes from watching old 70's and 80's anime all summer and not being used to the newer style, but its almost too clean and perfect.  the mechanical stuff is too blatantly CG for my tastes, and some of the camera movements were too fast and awkard, but that's just my film electives barfing up on this journal.  which brings me to another point, I reeeeeaaallyy hope they don't animate the origin that way.  if they could make the animation look like it did in the cutscenes to the gundam videogames, I'd be happy, so that people and mechs and colonies and ships are all uniform in style and look like they belong in the same frame.  but something in the pit of my stomach tells me that they're going to CG the fuck out of it for profitability :C

anyways, animation critique aside, Unicorn gets a thumbs up from me, yay!
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Time:02:34 am
Hey Hey Hey! one serious pic, one serious wip and then something really really stupid. and the most intriguing thing is, only one of them is Kai related OMGWTF!!??

in other news, I've been playing with Tumblr.  its kinda fun,  I had one a few years ago when it was still new, but I got bored fast and I lost my password for that account, so here's my new one if anyone cares. its gonna be a lot of the same stuff I post here, but with a lot less verbage, but a lot more crap that I find while scouring japanese search engines XD. the UC community is pretty colourful on there, so its worth a look anyway.
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Subject:Writer's Block: Once upon a time…
Time:09:42 am
What is the first line of your favorite book?

"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit"
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Subject:ZZ not zzzzzzz
Time:11:23 am
finally finished watching ZZ and I am so happy that that anime not an anime exists. I'm aware that I'm gonna get stabbed in the eyes for saying this, but zeta was kind of a let down for me. Yes, it was a great story and all, but it was all serious business all the time, and I just couldn't get as emotionally engaged with the characters as I did with the first gundam. I loved EVERY character from 0079 for one reason or another, and I just found it hard to *like* let alone love any character from zeta enough to really care what happened to them.

the lighthearted tone of ZZ really struck a cord with me though, probably because I'm a very silly person by nature. I know most people instantly write it off, but I have to say that its my second favourite after 0079.


For the record, the internet has grown up A LOT since the last time I was into Gundam.  remember about 10 years ago? back in the days of dial-up and waay before youtube and streaming video sites? remember when if you wanted to watch an anime you had to WAIT for it to get liscensed, then you had to go to the video store and BUY IT?  That, or wait for it to get put up on Toonami with bad dubbing and all the good stuff cut out.   I doooo!
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Subject:today was brought to you by the letter reccoa
Time:03:22 pm

she's the closest thing I have to a favourite character from zeta, (that wasn't carried over from MSG) and I really don't even get her in the slightest.  from a psychological standpoint, I'm probably projecting my love of Kai onto reccoa because all of his screen time in zeta is spent in her company.  whatever.  in the mean time, please enjoy some stupidity

maybe one of these days I'll get around to drawing amuro again, because he really is fun to draw
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Subject:HEY I DISCOVERED LJ CUT...also stupid fanart
Time:06:29 am
I promised I would stop drawing kai, and I lied.  but at least I did make an effort absolutely no effort at all to draw some of the not-kai'.  still Kai managed to weasel his way in here, but that's really okay
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Time:12:31 pm
 actually the only way these last few days could get better would be with a cold beer in hand.  which will have to wait until I haul my ass down to the store later.  in the meantime, a chilled bottle of local catawba wine and my feet up on the table works too.

I would have posted this journal sooner, but lj kept having server issues and it wouldn't keep me logged in for more than a few minutes at a time, but

my old college buddy [now living in japan] has really outdone herself she found me both volumes on her last outing in akihabara AND a SURPRISE rilakuma pencil case ICOLLECT JAPANESEPENCILCASESOMG.  I can't even fathom how I'm going to reciprocate this awesomness.  cash and fanart usually do the trick, but right now I am too in awe.

did I mention that the weather is finally cool and overcast now? and that we've finally gotten some rain?  the only bad thing going on right now is that autumn burdock season is still a month and a half away, but really, I can wait.

more writings and fanart are coming eventually, I just had to get this out of the way first

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Current Music:Malaria!
Subject:Some Kai Flavoured Drawings For You...
Time:01:43 am
for the record, it hasn't rained in almost 4 weeks, and yesterday it got over 100 degrees.  I am ready to murder people

so while my beam rifle is charging, I'll post some kai art.  miharus are included!

I'm actually kind of proud of this, at least with how kai came out.  the background is very meh.  anyway its a post war college kai moping around a bar....BY THE WAY I just found out that Kai went to college in Belfast, which leads me to believe he was just WALLOWING in depression and assorted self destructive behaviour while getting his journalism degree.  and a japanese gundam wiki told me, so I know this is true.

I drew this a week or 2 ago.  OMG ZETA KAI!  I'm really scared to colour this because I wanted to do miharu kind of transparent and ghost-y looking, but I'm way to chickenshit to attempt something like that.  but I still think the lines are cute so here you go.  HE WILL NEVER GET OVER MIHARU NEVRRRRRR

i love this one so much that I attempted to colour it, but I messed up royally, so thank god I saved the original.  I have no idea why miharu has her fingers crossed.  actually it's because I had no clue what to do with that arm.  so evidently she's hoping she won't get blown off the missile deck of a gunperry in the near future :/


I've never drawn femslash before, so this was interesting to say the least.  PRELUDE TO A KAI WET DREAM, MOST LIKELY

in other news, my friend who is <strike>studying abroad</strike> ACTUALLY LIVING IN JAPAN NOW finally found me a copy of day after tomorrow aka KAI'S VERY OWN MANGA  it is in the mail as I type.   SOOO HAPPEEEEE
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Current Music:People Aint No Good - The Cramps
Current Location:East Aurora
Time:12:48 pm
I'm in the mood to post...yay

so irl, I'm pet sitting for my favourite clients for basically the rest of the month.  why is this cool?  because I get to take care of 4 horses, 2 dogs, 2 house cats, an army of barn cats, plus a hamster and and 3 goldfish.  and the owner is a vet, so all the animals get fed healthy homemade food.  its a lot of work, but its so much fun, and because its so much work its a live-in job.  so i get to mooch off their food and play with ALL THESE ANIMULS and actually get paid to do it. 

the only downside is that being in the country and not near the beach like I live, ITS HOT AS HELL AND EVERYTHING IS UPHILL...NO EXCEPTIONS

i wanna swim so bad

anyway, here's what you came to look at....some assorted scribblings and general gundam related stupidity.  most of these are too stupid for dA, which is really saying something.

char doesn&apos;t know how to swim...gundam the origin proves this fact

char doesn't know how to swim.  gundam the origin has proved this to me.  also, zeon arm floaties need to be liscensed merch, but that's just me.  I almost made it a gelgoog head on the floatie, because they seriously have duck faces.  then I tried a zaku, and ultimately decided that char -needed- to be in as embarrasing of a rubber water toy as possible.  zaku and gelgoog innertubes wouldn't be bad as merch either.

the jury is still out on exactly what colour kai&apos;s hair is supposed to be.  prompted from a suggestion I got on dA to draw kai with purple blue and grey streaks in his hair.  he&apos;s probably a secret red head lol

the jury is still out on exactly what colour Kai's hair is supposed to be.  when I saw gundam for the first time, our old tv used to make his hair look blue, but now that I've seen it again in digital, his is greyish, and the vast majority of fanartists make his hair purple, so idk what to think anymore.  this was prompted by a comment on dA to give kai STREAKS of blue purple and grey
TRUTH: kai&apos;s transformation from greasy punk to the james bond of journalism  took place exactly 30 minutes before zeta gundam

TRUTH: kai's tranformation from greasy punk to the oh so kick ass james bond of journalism took place 30 minutes before episode 9 of zeta.  anyway, now kai is compelled to go to south america and run around with the first floozy he sets his eyes on.  oh hi there, Reccoa.  that was john edwards right?  idk it was some politician, that's all i remember.  That, and his $400  haircut
he and zeta kai probably have the same stylist 
 john edwards looks so fabulous
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Subject:I'm feeling literary D:
Time:12:00 am
i'm not a very literary person, so this is bound to end up terrible.  please pass by it as if it were nothing


Green Grass

preview: it's well known that Hayato is jealous of Amuro, but often envy is a 2 way street.  also a pre-war amuro takes the first objective look at his life

Amuro was perched intently at his workbench.  his soldering iron was hissing away while he sweated over the circuitry of his newest pet project. 


the call came from downstairs, evidently it was time for him to eat.

"I didn't hear you come in Frau, I'm upstairs"

"Of course you are" she muttered to herself as she clambered up to his room.  " Amuro have you eaten any vegetables this recently?  You're going to develop a vitamin deficiency." 

he continued to to tinker away with his circuit boards, only half listening to Frau's nags.  He looked up from his work briefly, as if to sniff the air for clues.  "I think I ate an apple the other day, but I don't really remember."

"Honestly Amuro" sighed Frau "look at you, you're still in your school uniform.  You should change out of your school clothes when you get home, otherwise you'll wear them threadbare."

Amuro said nothing.

Frau rummaged through Amuro's closet looking for clean clothes--a very rare commodity.  finally finding something that she approved of, plopped them on the bench before him.  "Get dressed" she ordered.  Amuro was puzzled and looked up at her, silently demanding an explanation.  "Hayato's brother is home from university this weekend.  The Kobayashis have invited you and me to dinner."

"I think I'd rather just keep working"

"Absolutely not!" snorted Frau "You aren't spending the entire weekend hiding in your room.  You're coming over to Hayato's house, you're going to eat food, interact with other human beings, and after that we're going to play touch football" 

Before Amuro could stammer out any more excuses, Frau was on her way out the door.  "if you aren't outside and dressed in ten minutes I'm calling the police to bring you outside!"

Amuro had no idea how to play touch football.

He looked out his window, which overlooked the Kobayashi household.  Mr. Kobayashi had just gotten home from work and his wife came to the door to greet him in oven mitts, a wooden spoon in one hand. 
Hayato was the baby of the family, he had an older brother and sister; twins, who were a year ahead of Amuro in school, and their eldest brother who was attending university on Side 6.  They were all athletic and the siblings were in yard playing a game that Amuro didn't recognise.  The family dog, a giant, slobbering thing, was cantering playfully about the yard, following the excitement.

"They're picture-perfect" he said aloud to himself.

It was hard for Amuro to wrap his brain around a family like Hayato's; brother's, a sister, even a dog!   What seemed most alien though was that Hayato's parents were still together.  Amuro knew he wasn't the only one on Side 7 whose parents were separated, but he didn't find it fair that when most people get divorced one moves to the other side of town.  Amuro's mother was on earth, another planet  and it had been years since he saw her last.  It helped even less that his father was almost as distant.  they were father and son, and yet strangers in the same house.

He wanted nothing more than to have a family like Hayato's.  He kept telling himself that when he had a wife and some kids of his own, he was going to do the right thing.  He wasn't going to become consumed by his work.  He was going to be a good dad and a good husband and have a happy family that stayed together.

Amuro looked around at the tools and bits of electronic paraphernalia that littered his workbench.   He hadn't eaten since yesterday, he stank, and he would rather stay holed up in his room rather than interact with the people who were gracious enough to invite  him to dinner.  He hated his father, and already he was turning into him.

"I guess I never am going to have a real family." sighed Amuro to himself.  "Even if I tried, I'd still end up ruining it."  Amuro sighed again, this time sharper as the thought of spending the rest of his life alone shot across his mind.  Finally, he got up and dressed himself.  He was lonely, and as much as he hated to admit it, he wanted to be around people.    He emerged from his den, and walked downstairs.

As he left the house, Frau came running over from next door.  "Its about time Amuro!" she called  "you're five minutes late."  Frau and Amuro ran across the street where Hayato and his older siblings were still playing in the yard.  "Are we late for supper?" called Frau.

"It'll be a few minutes yet" answered Hayato as Frau and Amuro arrived on the lawn.  The dog bounded over to Amuro panting and wagging his tail vigorously.  Amuro gave him a customary scratch behind the ears and nothing more.  He gave up and went to Frau who lavished the ungainly creature with hugs and baby talk, before she  joined the game.

Amuro decided that it would take to long to learn the rules and sat on the grass to watch rather than participate.  the lawn had been mowed recently and the sweet aroma hung in the air.  He had forgotten that grass had any scent at all, let alone a pleasant one.  He drank it in one breath at a time, pretending that he was just another member of this big perfect family and choking back a tear when they were finally all called to dinner.


afterthoughts:  there's no canonical refrence for it, but I've always imagined Hayato coming from a big family *shrug*  also, maybe it stems from not really liking amuro all that much but I've always endorsed the idea that he's a bachelor forever, but I just have a hard time picturing him with anybody, even his canon love interests.  oh well that's just me 
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