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There's a Point to all This


3 June 1989
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I'm a crepuscular art school drop out that spends most of her time in the woods or staring at a computer screen, while trying to figure out what the hell I should do now. kinda torn between being a full time geology major or possibly environmental studies. ethnobotany isn't out of the question either

pet sitting is what i do to keep me in new art supplies, although my personal credo is that everything is free if you know where to look

This is the place where I drop various fandom related bombs of stupidity Generally in the form of doodles that are too stupid for deviant art, along with assorted WIPs whose progress you can watch blossom like an old cheese sandwich. but occasionally I write stuff too. My two big things are uc gundam and Tolkien, so if yuo like either of those things, you're probably in the right place.